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When it comes to renting your home, one major step is to prepare it for a new tenant. Just as if it was a new home to them, you want to give your tenants the feeling of a refreshing, clean, up-to-date, spotless brand-new house. This is why it requires great efforts into preparing, cleaning, and maintaining your property so that when a new tenant comes around, your property is ready to go and dazzling. This is not a small task. Many homeowners feel that they can handle cleaning and preparing their property themselves, but many times the owner’s version of a “market ready” home does not match another’s version. If you find you’re not up to task of getting your home market ready properly days before a tenant comes in, you could be spending even more money scheduling professional services last minute. We suggest you skip the hours of cleaning and spending money on cleaning supplies and let Columbus Real Estate Pros  take care of it for you!

Columbus Real Estate Pros will get your home market ready professionally and quickly. In the time you spend trying to clean your home yourself, we could have done all the work for you, find you a tenant, and have you collect top-dollar rent checks sooner instead of spending money and using that time cleaning! It’s important to know that you set the standard of how you want you home to be maintained over time by your tenants. If you provide a home that looks like you take care of it, then your tenants are more likely to take care of your home as well.

Columbus Real Estate Pros knows what it means to get your home market ready, and how crucial that is in getting top dollar for rent. Call them at 614-505-6212 for more information!


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