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Now more than ever, renting property is becoming more and more of a challenge. To the point where those looking to rent in popular cities, must be diligent and compete with many others for a rental. Do you find yourself getting close to that perfect rental, only to have it snatched by someone else? This is your chance to master the application process. With proper diligence and a little luck you can earn the rental of your dreams by following these tips:

1. Keep your options open and be flexible. Having too many preferences limits the list of available rentals to choose from. Some things you need in a rental, and most things are just what you want. Make sure you filter what you actually NEED.

2. Literally, look every day for potential rentals that fit your needs, even when you think you’ve found ‘the one.’ Better to have a couple back up rentals instead of relying on one to follow through for you.

3. Being flexible on your move in date can also make you more competitive. This allows you time to research, but be ready to pounce when you find the rental you want.

4. When you do pounce, have all of your important paperwork ready to go. This includes a proof of income or recent pay stub, and providing your ID and referral contact information from your previous landlord(s).

5. If you think you’ll be moving in the near future, be sure to keep your credit history in check. Easiest way is to simply pay your bills on time.  If you have bad credit, be ready to explain why! Instead of trying to hide it, being open and honest can go a long way.

6. Have money set aside for a deposit (usually equivalent to one month’s rent.)

7. If you’ve found your dream rental, try offering to pay more. If you can pay even $25 or $50 more a month, it could be just the thing to stand out amongst the other applicants.

It’s an exhausting and stressful process, but coming prepared can help it go much smoother when you know what to expect and how to set yourself apart from competitors. Trust us it will all pay off when you sign a new lease.

If you are looking for a rental home in the Columbus area, check out our beautiful property listings! See the latest listings here: Call Columbus Real Estate Pros today at: 614-505-6212

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